Keeping Grass Green in the Summer

We want our lawns to look their best in the summertime, but it’s also the time that they undergo the most stress.  Between drought and hot temperatures, increased foot traffic from kids and pets, as well as insect and disease issues brought on by warmer temperatures, our lush green lawns can quickly turn dry and brown.  While some of these issues are inevitable during summer, having a dry, brown lawn shouldn’t be.

Freshly cut grass in the backyard of a private house.

Keeping grass green from spring to fall doesn’t have to be a complicated process.  With the right lawn maintenance strategies, your lush green yard can be the envy of the neighborhood.  A&N Lawn Service, Inc., in Pittsburgh, suggests the following tips for summer lawn care.


1. Avoid mowing too short

Keep your mower on a high setting to avoid cutting your grass too short.  Longer grass, about three to three-and-a-half inches, provides more shade for the roots and can reach more moisture in the soil. Mowing the grass too short can scorch your lawn and prevent the roots from growing deeper and stronger.

2. Water Deeply, Twice per Week 

In Pittsburgh, lawn care does not require you to water your grass every day.  A deep watering, one to one-and-a-half inches of water, two times a week should keep your grass healthy and green.  This amount should soak the soil about six to eight inches deep, which will help to saturate the root zone and form deeper roots.  Be careful not to overwater your lawn, as too much moisture can cause mold growth and disease.

3. Hydrate in the Morning

Water your lawn after the sun is up and any time before 10 am.  Early morning hydration allows the water to be absorbed by the grassroots before it evaporates during the hottest hours of the day.  If you have an irrigation system, program it to run in the morning. This gives your yard time to dry before evening, preventing a breeding ground for mold and potentially disease.  

4. Use Fertilizer

Use a slow-release fertilizer every six to eight weeks. This is about the time it takes for the microbes in the soil to absorb the nutrients.  Applying the fertilizer evenly and regularly will help your grass to grow thick, crowding out the weeds and keeping the soil cool. Be careful not to over-fertilize, as it will cause your grass to turn brown. 

5. Maintain your Mower

Be sure your mower is in good condition at all times—blades sharpened, oil changed and filter and spark plugs replaced.  Mowing with dull blades will tear rather than cut your grass, resulting in brown tips on the grass blades.   

6. Watch for Weeds, Wear and Tear

As soon as you notice weeds appear, remove them manually or by using a weeding fork. Taking care of them early and often prevents you from having to treat the entire lawn with weed killer.
In addition to weeds, be on the lookout for wear and tear on your grass by excess foot and pet traffic.  If you notice a problem area, avoid the damaged area until it has the opportunity to recover.

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