Residential Lawn Care Pittsburgh

pittsburgh maintenance landscapingYour yard welcomes visitors to your home and can greatly enhance the value of your property. Proper maintenance is essential to keeping your lawn and landscaping fresh and inviting.

Our lawn and landscape maintenance program always begins with our experienced professionals who are dedicated to giving you quality service at every visit. We use state of the art equipment to ensure your lawn is maintained with precision. Our lawn and landscape maintenance project manager and his team of specialized technicians will be there to assist you with your lawn maintenance needs.

Pittsburgh Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Packages

A&N Lawn Service Inc. is happy to offer two extensive maintenance packages in the Pittsburgh area that will satisfy even the most selective property owners. Our packages are outlined below and explained in detail on the links provided.

Option A

Option B

Additional Services Upon Request

  • Lime application
  • Grub Control
  • Aeration
  • De-Thatching
  • Planting of annuals/ Perennials
  • Irrigation startup/shut down

Our team is dedicated to providing you premium service by using the professional grade maintenance equipment and tools needed to provide you with the best possible outcomes. Contact us today to set up your lawn and landscape maintenance package!

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