When to Start Planting Fall Gardens

As summer draws to a close, the days get shorter and temperatures begin to drop. Many avid gardeners mourn the loss of the sun that enabled their summer Pittsburgh nurseries to flourish.

Fall Garden Planting

Even though the weather has witnessed some changes, homegrown goodness can stretch beyond the summer months as there are many choices cool weather offers. Think about what you would buy in the grocery store and then plant it at home! A&N Lawn Service, Inc., knows the potential of a fall nursery in Pittsburgh and good lawn care. 

Your fall garden extends the planting you did through the summer. You will need to start preparing your fall garden mid-summer, around late-July or early August. Be sure to check for your area’s first predicted frost date as the seeds will need to mature before the first frost. 

Ensure your fall garden has enough sunlight, rich soil, good nutrition, and consistent water for best results. With proper care, you will reap the benefits of your fall garden:

  • Less watering because of cooler temperatures
  • Fewer garden pests
  • Frost sweetens the flavor of many cool-season crops 
There’s no need for cooler temperatures to slow gardening! A&N Lawn Services, Inc., has provided Pittsburgh-area nurseries with premier year-round lawn care service for over 20 years. Their greenhouse and garden located on Reis Run Road offers total landscaping, hardscaping, and lawn care services to the Allegheny and Butler County regions. If you’re looking for some assistance in getting your fall garden ready, contact A&N Lawn Service, Inc., at 412-931-9230.