Green Lawn Tips

Lawn Care Tips

Everyone wants a summer lawn that is green and healthy all season long. But even though some lawns are able to achieve healthy perfection, it is often difficult to keep lawns in such a pristine condition. With this in mind, here are a few green lawn tips that you can do to keep your lawn at its greenest and healthiest for the rest of the summer.

-Prepare Your Lawn before Setting its Soil

No matter the type of lawn or planting method you plan to use for your new lawn, be sure to properly prepare the area and test the soil. Before doing anything, rid of weeds and other growing nuisances. This will prevent the soil from forming into compact lumps, making way for proper growth. Also review the pH level of your soil. Though this may seem excessive, do-it-yourself soil kits will save you money in the long run if your soil’s pH level is too high or too low.

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-Even Seed Dispersal

There are a few different lawn growing methods, such as seeding or sodding, but planting seeds is the least expensive and most successful technique. Though planting seeds will take longer, it is in most cases, the better option in comparison to rolling out a quick and expensive carpet of sod. Hydro-seeding in particular will implement an even dispersal of planting seeds, which will make way for a lawn that grows evenly.

-Appropriate Trimming & Cutting

Certain types of grass have particular trimming and cutting requirements, as well as specific climate conditions. Doing some research to find out the type of grass you have in your lawn will help you to know when to cut and at what length.

-Maintain Hydration & Nourishment

Lawns get hungry and thirsty like we do. Feed your lawn at least twice a year with fertilizer to make sure it has the nourishment it needs to grow beautifully. Watering your lawn once a week should provide enough hydration, but making that weekly water seep deep into the roots is most important. This will help to extend roots deeper into the soil. It is also important to make sure your lawn has a proper air supply, so that its water and nutrients are able to be fully soaked in by roots below. If your lawn is lacking water or nutrients in its roots, it will turn brown above the soil.

Taking the above steps will absolutely help in maintaining a fully healthy lawn. At A&N Lawn Service, we ensure that every lawn we service is not only made healthy and green, we also make sure that your lawn stays that way. Contact our expert team now for more information on our professional lawn services. We will provide your lawn with everything it needs to be healthy, green and long-lasting.