Hardscaping for Outdoor Living

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Improve your Pittsburgh outdoor living with hardscaping! You can make a beautiful outdoor space with landscaping attention, but if you want to make your property really pop, you will want to add some hardscaping aspects as well. Hardscaping is ideal for adding customized design features, making use of multiple dimensions of texture with different materials, and increasing the overall value of your outdoor space. With so many hardscaping features to choose from, you can have fun creating your personal outdoor living area.

-Retaining Walls

Some landscapes have pesky hill sides or slopes that seem awkward or out of place among the rest of the landscape. Using hardscaping to add retaining walls around these issues will transform them from problems into beautiful focal points with purpose.


This type of hardscaping uses hard blocks to form smooth outdoor surfaces. Pavers are great for creating a ground surface that is aesthetically pleasing and customizable. There are several colors and styles to choose from, giving pavers the ability to match any home’s existing décor or to create a completely new, one–of-a-kind style.

Retaining Wall Services

-Architectural Slabs

Architectural slabs are the outdoor version of interior flooring, which can give the effect of extending your interior living space, to the outdoors. These slabs, of course, come in an array of color and styles, but some slabs also contain pieces of marble or granite to add depth to the design and entire outdoor landscape.

-Natural & Veneer Stone

Natural stone and stone veneers are fantastic addition for any landscape owner who loves the look of nature and timelessness. Stone features create a look that is either random, such as with a few strategically placed pieces, or a look that is precise, such as with an entire patio made of stone. Whether real stone or stone look-alike material, such hardscaping features will make any landscape look naturally wonderful.

Turn your Pittsburgh outdoor living space into an oasis with hardscaping customizations from your hard work professionals at A & N Lawn Services. We will help you create the outside area that you and your guest will enjoy, all summer long.