Deer-Resistant Plants for Your Landscaping 

No matter the season or the temperature outside, there are deer everywhere in western Pennsylvania. It’s not surprising – white-tailed deer are the state animal. Their population has grown steadily, and there are about 1.5 million deer in PA, with 30 deer per square mile (and in some people’s yards, it may seem like there are more than that.)

Deer can cause destruction to a landscaped yard as they look for things to eat. They like to browse through woods and yards, munching leaves, shrubs, and flowers. They travel in herds, so if you see one, you know that there are others around, and they’ll be hungry too.

Homeowners will sometimes spray their plants with repellants or try to fence off their plants, but neither is an ideal solution for your landscaping Pittsburgh

Plantings That Offer Curb Appeal – and Keep Away Deer

If you live in an area that has a lot of deer, then you may have to choose plants based on their attractiveness (or unattractiveness) to deer. A tasty plant will disappear quickly once a herd comes to your yard.Deer Resistant Flowers Pittsburgh

·       Fuzzy, hairy, or toxic plants: Plantings that have bristles or soft hair are good choices, since deer avoid them. This includes lambs ear, Siberian bugloss, spirea, and lady’s mantle. Plants that deer avoid because of toxicity are poppies, ferns, daffodils, and monkshood. (Remember, though, some of these plants should not be eaten by people, either. It’s good to keep in mind if you have young children who like to explore.)

·       Aromatic plants. The spices we love to use while cooking are exactly the kinds of plants that deer avoid. These include rosemary, sage, thyme, ornamental salvias, lavender, and oregano. Peonies are beautiful, and deer also think they smell bad, so that is another good choice.

·       Spiny and leathery plants. Even though deer’s stomachs are made to digest plants, there are certain ones that they avoid, including pachysandra, iris, and globe thistle.

·       Ornamental grasses. If you love the look of ornamental grass as a complement to colorful plants, we have good news: most deer steer clear of these sharp-edged plants.

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Now that you know what flowers should be planted in your yard—if you live in an area prone to deer—you may not know how to use these flowers as a part of your landscaping. A & N Lawn Service provides customized design services for both commercial and residential properties, with special attention given to fresh, modern plantings and perennials. Call or contact A & N Lawn Service Inc., Pittsburgh’s premier Landscape Service today for a free estimate.