Summer Landscaping Tips for Homeowners

Now that summer has arrived, homeowners are looking forward to warm days, enjoying their yard, sipping on a cool drink, and entertaining with friend and neighbors. If your yard is landscaped, you’ll want to keep it looking great during the summer.

Managing your Pittsburgh landscaping goes far beyond mowing the lawn once a week. Here are some tips that will help your landscaping look its best.

Pittsburgh Landscaping Ideas

  • Watering Your Lawn. Many homeowners take great pleasure in watering their grass every day, but it’s not necessary to do Landscaping Services Pittsburghthat. Instead of a half hour water daily, it’s better to deeply soak the yard about twice a week. That way, the water reaches the grass plants’ roots, and won’t evaporate in the sun. Try to water in the morning – if you water too late into the evening, you could be setting up an environment for certain lawn fungi and other diseases to take hold.
  • Watering Your Plants. Plants that are surrounded by mulch don’t require as much water as plants that are just surrounded by soil, since the mulch holds moisture. When determining how much and often to water, be sure to refer to the care instructions that are included with all plants.
  • Edging Keeps Lawns Tidy. If your landscaped plant beds are your favorite part of your yard, you’re not alone. It’s important that your beds are regularly weeded and watered to increase your property’s curb appeal. No matter how careful you are, your beds will get messy due to weather, wind, animals and even people. Edging them will keep them neat and tidy.
  • Light It Up. Many people think of landscaping as only plants and trees. However, a wonderful add-on to your yard’s landscaping is lighting. Instead of your decorative elements being hidden at night, why not use landscape lighting so that people can see it in the evening, too? Keep your paths illuminated with path lighting, put accent lights near a patio or deck, or use well lighting for attention on ornamental trees.

A&N Lawn Service Transforms Your Lawn

There’s a lot of work involved with keeping your yard looking great. A & N Lawn Service can help. We offer lawn, landscaping, and hardscaping services to Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. Call or contact us today to learn more.