Best Types of Flowers to Plant This Spring

Though it’s still cold, winter will be leaving us soon, so we’re looking forward to the traditional signs of spring: birds singing, leaves unfolding, and of course, flowers blooming.

You don’t have to wait until summer to enjoy some color in your yard. Plant some early spring flowers now. Some of the best choices for colorful perennials include:

  • Primrose. Primrose is usually grouped under trees, where they can enjoy moist soil and shade. They thrive in cool weather, which is perfect for early spring Pittsburgh gardening. In the summer, they should be kept in the shade.
  • Solomon’s Seal. These low-growing plants are best planted in the shade, where their white flowers can hang from curving stems without fear of being burned by the sun.
  • Creeping Flox. This pretty flowering plant is a favorite of Pittsburgh homeowners because they show spring pastel colors in purples and pinks. You can grow it nearly anywhere, in any soil, and it can receive full to partial sun.
  • Bloodroot. Despite its rather alarming name, bloodroot is a lovely choice for ground cover. The white flowers, arranged in an 8-pronged pattern with doubled flowers, look great under trees or in a garden nestled among taller plants. In the spring, it’s fine in the sun, but once summer arrives, it should be at least partially shaded.
  • Bleeding Heart. Here’s another flower with a vivid name. The heart-shaped pink flowers end in a drop feature, and when you see them, they signal the beginning of spring. They eventually fade away by summer, when you caSpring Landscaping Pittsburghn replace them with leafy green plantings.

Pittsburgh Landscaping and Projects to Showcase Your Plants

Whether you are planning a full garden, or just want a small flower bed, there are plenty of ways to show off your flowering plants through creative landscaping.   

  • Flower beds. A traditional flower bed, surrounded by mulch to retain moisture, and bordered by edging, is the best way to maintain mulch while keeping it looking neat and tidy.
  • Surrounding trees and lining walkways. Greeting guests to your home with flowers can be done with a mix of low-cover plants and taller-stemmed varieties. 
  • Retaining wall beds. Planting flowers at the top of retaining walls is a way to incorporate some color into your hardscaping.
  • Gardens. Gardens come in many varieties – they can be small and neat, or large and overflowing.

If you’re looking for new Pittsburgh landscaping ideas, call A & N Lawn Service today. We can give your property a fresh new look with vibrant annuals and perennials. It’s never too early in the year to start enjoying a beautiful looking yard.