Reasons for Dead Patches in your Grass

Your goal is to have a lush green yard, but you continue to find dead patches in your grass. Without knowing what is causing the problem, it is more difficult to find a solution. Therefore, we have provided a few of the culprits and lawn care solutions for your Pittsburgh property.

Lawn Maintenance Pittsburgh Foot Traffic and Left Items

Repeated foot traffic over a common area may begin to affect your grass. You may need to redirect traffic to a sidewalk or walking path, so that your grass can bounce back. A more common problem is leaving items such as toys or garden hoses in your yard. If left for a day or more, you will most likely see a dead patch of grass when you pick up the item. Normally, the patch will return to its healthy color after the item has been removed and the grass has been exposed to sun, water and air.


If you own a dog or cat and have noticed dead patches in your yard, the problem is probably your pet’s trips to the bathroom. The high amounts of nitrogen in the urine will cause brown patches in your yard. An easy solution is to have your pet urinate in a non-grassy area. If that is not feasible, then immediately rinse the spot thoroughly with water.


Irregular brown patches throughout your yard may be a sign of fungal problems. Poor air circulation and lack of sunlight after extremely rainy or humid weather can cause many types of fungus to grow. If better weather is not in the forecast, you may want to consider applying a fungicide to treat the current problem and prevent future fungal growth.


If you noticed brown patches of grass in spring or early summer that became larger uniformly, then it may be a good indication that you are experiencing grubs. These tiny white pests feed on the roots of grass causing the lawn to feel sponge-like and lift away. Damage is best taken care of in the fall by raking the dead grass, applying an insecticide and watering thoroughly. These areas may then be re-seeded or replaced with new sod.


If spilled, chemicals, such as herbicides, pesticides or gasoline, will cause dead patches in your grass. These spots are easily identified because they are often in the shape of the spill or in an area where you have been handling chemicals. To prevent your grass from being affected, always water the area immediately after the grass has come into contact with the chemical.


Thatch, which is an accumulation of dead and decaying plant material, prevents water and food from getting to the roots of grass. The best solution is to dethatch or aerate your lawn. To prevent future problems with thick thatch, be sure to properly water, feed and mow your lawn regularly.

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