Getting Your Lawn Ready for Spring

The flowers are blooming, the leaves are forming, the birds are chirping—all signs of a beautiful spring. Long summer days spent relaxing and enjoying your beautiful, lush, green property are right around the corner. Are you ready?

Spring lawn care is not time-consuming, but it is necessary in order to get your grass ready for a healthy growing season.

Maintenance Tips for Spring Lawn Care in Pittsburgh

Bucket of Weeds in YardA&N Lawn Service, Inc., in Pittsburgh, has been providing lawn care services and tips to residents and property owners for years. We know what it takes to get your yard picture-perfect in time for summer. Follow our maintenance tips for spring lawn care below:

Clean Up

Remove any debris, dead leaves, twigs, branches, and stones that may have accumulated on your grass over the winter.

Rake Thoroughly

To remove any thatch or dead grass, give your lawn a deep, thorough raking. Dethatching will also reveal any dead spots that may need attention.

Seed Any Bare Spots

Overseed bare spots to rid your lawn of the unsightly patches. Be sure to wait until temperatures reach the 70s and the danger of frost has passed before planting warm-season grass. For newly seeded areas, water daily for at least a week.

Apply Fertilizer

Give your lawn a healthy start by applying fertilizer once active growth begins in mid to late spring.

Prevent Weed Growth

Weeds can be a problem to tame once they take control. Therefore, apply a pre-emergent herbicide in the spring to kill any weeds before they pop up on your lawn.

Prepare Your Mower

Make sure your lawnmower is in good working condition before summer’s heavy use. Since it is best to only mow once sufficient growth has occurred, spring is the perfect downtime to prep your mower—change the oil, air filter, and spark plug; sharpen the mower blade and fill the fuel tank.

Pittsburgh Garden Center Provides Lawn Care Service

With our lawn and landscape maintenance programs, Pittsburgh’s A&N Lawn Service, Inc., can help you ready your residential or commercial property for spring, as well as maintain it through the summer. Our specialized technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure your lawn is maintained with precision. Located on Reis Run Road in Franklin Park, our Pittsburgh garden and greenhouse has everything you need to get your property ready for spring. Call A&N Lawn Service today at 412-931-9230!