Creating a Low-Maintenance Landscape: Tips for Busy Homeowners

If you’re a busy homeowner, the last thing you want is to spend all your free time tending to your garden. Creating a low-maintenance landscape can save precious time and give you more hours of relaxation in your home. 

Here are some tips on how to create an effortless garden that will still look beautiful:

Creating a Low-Maintenance Landscape Tips for Busy HomeownersPick Plants that Require Minimal Care

Shrubs and perennials are a great choice because they don’t need to be replanted yearly, reducing the time you have to spend tending to your garden. Perrenials, like hostas, daylilies, and daffodils, are also great options because they add color and texture to the landscape and come back in the spring rather than dying off in the winter. 

Native plants for your Pittsburgh garden are also excellent choices, as they are adapted to the local climate and require minimal maintenance. Pittsburgh native plants such as Jack-in-the-pulpit, Solomon’s seal, and common elderberry are just a few possibilities.

Reduce Your Grass Area

Having too much grass to mow can take up a lot of time each week. Consider reducing lawn space by installing small beds, adding pathways or outdoor seating areas with mulch instead of grass, or incorporating hardscaping such as pavers and gravel. These natural materials require minimal upkeep and add character to your landscape.

Mulch Your Garden Beds for a No-Maintenance Look

Using mulch in your garden beds will save you time by reducing the need for weeding, and it will also help conserve water and protect plants’ roots from temperatures extremes. Wood chips, pine needles, and gravel are great for mulching your garden.
Hire a professional landscaping service. 

If you need more time to manage your garden, hiring a professional landscaping company like A&N Lawn Service can effectively create a beautiful, low-maintenance landscape. Our professional landscapers will know which plants to choose and how to care for them, so you can rest assured your garden will look its best all year round.

These are just a few tips on creating an effortless landscape that requires minimal upkeep and saves time for busy homeowners. With a bit of preparation and the right plants, you can create a beautiful garden without spending hours tending to it! 

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