A&N Lawn Service, Inc.’s Versa-lock retaining wall systems are an attractive and functional fulfillment of various projects. Our retaining wall blocks come in many colors, designs, and textures and can be used to create steps, corners, or straight or curved lines. You can even combine different units to make a design unique to your home.

These low-absorption, high-strength, solid units not only offer durability but many design options for retaining walls. Versa-lock offers these advantages of our retaining walls for your home:

retaining walls PittsburghVariety of Texture, Color, and Size

There is a multitude of color, texture, and size options to choose from when considering your options for retaining wall blocks. Colors come in both solid and blended mixes. Colors are fundamental throughout the retaining wall, so the color of a feature will remain consistent throughout. For an extra aesthetic, consider using another color for the unit or caps.

The faces of the units come in traditional split-face texture or the natural, weathered texture.

Units also come in a variety of heights and widths, which offer different scales and wall setbacks. Different units can be combined in one wall to create varied patterns or unique accents.

Overall, Versa-lock retaining walls offer design flexibility as they can be modified to fit essentially any design layout.

Solid Units

If you decide to go for a solid unit, they are modifiable to create a variety of designs. The sides and backs of the units can split to match the front face texture. You also lose the extra steps and cost of filling the voids with gravel.

Cost-Effective Solution

In terms of retaining walls, Pittsburgh’s A&N Lawn Service, Inc.’s Versa-lock retaining walls can cost less than other types of walls. You get a high-end appearance without the typical associate cost.

Environmentally Friendly Solution

Concrete units do not create as environmental hazards as it is chemically treated counterparts may. Designers prefer concrete as it is a sustainable material.

Stable and Durable

Pittsburgh’s A&N Lawn Service, Inc. uses thick concrete wall blocks with no thin sections, voids, or tiny protrusions susceptible to damage to your Versa-lock retaining wall. The walls are leaned back to retain soil which improves stability.

Freeze/Thaw Resistant

Our retaining walls do not require any structural footing below frost as they are built of a granular leveling pad and stacked without mortar. This allows the wall to retain flexibility which lets them deal with freeze/thaw cycles.

Free Draining Wall Face

Because the walls are built without mortar, water can pass through the wall joints to minimize pressure behind the walls.

Retaining Wall Installation

These walls are a favorite because they are easily adjustable, do not require core-filling, and allow for various designs. Smaller units are easier to handle as they are individually lighter. Random appearing walls are built from repeating panels and easily accommodate geogrid. Versa-lock retaining walls are both functional and beautiful. 

Pittsburgh’s A&N Lawn Service, Inc. is the place to go when considering a retaining wall installation. A&N Lawn Services, Inc. has provided Pittsburgh homes with premie retaining wall installation for over 20 years. We offer total landscaping, hardscaping, and lawn care services. If you are looking for some assistance in your next project, contact A&N Lawn Service, Inc. at 412-931-9230.