What To Consider When Hiring a Commercial Snow Removal Service

If you own or manage commercial property in an area that receives a good amount of snow in the late fall, winter, and early spring, such as the Pittsburgh, PA area, you’ve probably learned what a hassle it can be to shovel or plow the property yourself. Maybe you’ve even hired someone to do it who has a small truck and plow—but that comes with its own set of problems. Many one-man operations are unreliable and often unavailable.

When you hire a commercial snow removal service, you should make sure that it:

  • Is available 24 hours a day. You should be able to call your company and reach someone at any time‚Äîincluding in the middle of the night. If you own a property that opens early in the morning, and it‚Äôs been snowing or sleeting throughout the night, your service should guarantee that parking lots, sideways, and other areas will be plowed, shoveled, and salted in a timely manner.
  • Owns specialized equipment. Removing snow from business areas involves trucks, large plows, shovels, snow blowers, and salt spreaders. If you hire someone with one truck and a plow to clear a large parking lot, it could take an hour or more to complete. It‚Äôs important that the company you hire has the equipment to finish the job quickly so that homeowners, customers, students or patients can enter your building safely. A commercial snow removal service should have the equipment and manpower to remove and clean snow from these areas:
  • Schools and universities
  • Hospitals, doctors‚Äô offices, and other healthcare facilities
  • Shopping malls
  • Airports
  • Parking lots
  • Office complexes
  • Apartment complexes
  • Homeowners‚Äô associations
  • Retirement home and communities
  • Monitors the weather and is ready to respond quickly. When the meteorologist announces impending snow, your snow removal company should be getting their equipment ready and replenishing their salt supplies. Being ready is a big part of this business!
  • Treats your business with care. You should be able to rely on a company throughout an entire winter and also year after year. You‚Äôre entrusting someone to keep your ground areas safe and to prevent injuries involving people and cars at your business.

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