• Bulk Materials

    Bulk Materials

    We have mulch, gravel, sand, as well as other bulk materials avaiable at our garden center. See our list of current materials and pricing here. If you are looking for something specific, contact us and we can help you get it or even help you with your next project!

  • Nusery Gallery


    We have a variety of flowers, shrubs, vegetables, and other plants that are in excellent condition and ready to be added your home or place of business. See pictures of our nursery and some of the plants we carry here to learn more.

  • Local Nursery

    About Our Nursery

    Our nursery is open year round and stocked with plants, flowers, materials, and more that will meet your needs throughout the different seasons. We can also help you with larger landscaping projects or year round maintenance. Learn more about A&N Lawn Garden Center and Lawn care here!

  • Nursery Pittsburgh


    A&N Lawn Service has a garden center and nursery conveniently located on Reis Run Road in Franklin Park. Our location is easily accessible to anyone is in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas to make it easier for you to get your plants or bulk materials. Get directions and see our hours here.