Winter Lawn Maintenance Tips

Lawn Maintenance in the Winter

Colder temperatures mean we spend more time indoors, but that doesn’t mean we can ignore our yard. Winter yard work can be tough, but it is the best way to ensure a healthy yard and garden in the spring. Make sure your lawn stays healthy during the winter months with these tips:

Winter Lawn Maintenance

  • Last mowing: Gradually lower the height setting on your mower to keep it short. A professional can do this in several steps to avoid suddenly removing the green and damaging the turf. New grass growth can make your yard more appealing to winter diseases and mold caused by snow and ice melt.
  • Clean it up. It is important to clean up debris, leaves and toys/furniture from your yard during the winter. These can smother grass, cause disease conditions and invite unwanted guests, such as insects, rodents and other pests.
  • Prune your trees: cutting back your trees promotes new growth and production of flowering and fruit. It can also reduce breakage from snow and ice accumulation.
  • Service your equipment. Now is the perfect time to service your lawn mower and other yard equipment. Keeping your mower functioning properly and the blades sharp will ensure that your lawn is evenly cut, helping prevent disease and improving the overall look of your yard.
  • Monitor for drainage. Heavy snow and ice can cause significant run off when temperatures head north. Snow that doesn’t drain off properly from your yard promotes mold, which can leave dead patches of grass in your yard.

And don’t forget to use your yard for building snowmen, snowball fights and even some snow angels. Once things start to bloom, count on A & N Lawn Service to provide you with the best lawn care Pittsburgh has to offer. We’ll be there ready to go!