Why You Should Hire a Professional Company for Commercial Snow Removal

Snow Removal Service

If you manage one or more properties in an area that receives snow in the winter or early spring, commercial snow removal is a must. Most property managers are in charge of ensuring that parking lots, walkways, and other areas around buildings (such as office buildings, healthcare settings, restaurants, retirement homes, malls, apartments/condos, and schools) are completely free of snow and ice during the weeks and months of a long Pittsburgh winter.

Snow Removal Service

Pittsburgh Commercial Snow Removal
A professional snow removal company:

  • Works before the snow falls. These companies should previews the site before determining what sort of manpower and equipment will be needed. That way, they will know how snowfall should be treated do according to current and predicted snow and ice levels.
  • Has the right equipment. A business in charge of snow removal should have a number of plows and shovels available, as well as snow blowers, and that they should be able to haul mounds of snow to other locations if required.
  • Combats ice and snow. The company that you hire should have tons of ice melt stored to make parking lots and sidewalk less slick. If you are managing a large property with many square feet of parking lot area, be sure to ask them how much ice melt or chemical mix they have available.
  • Works 24 hours a day. If a company tells you that they look outside every morning at 6 a.m., that’s not the company that you want. Professional snow removal workers monitor the snowfall at 2 a.m., because that’s when they will be deciding how many of their employees will be working and where they will be going to remove snow and ice. Proper timing means that you will have safe lots, stairs and sidewalks.
  • Always has safety in mind. When discussing the requirements for your site, determine how much space will be cleared for both cars and pedestrians, and be sure that it’s enough room for your customers or guests to safely navigate.

A & N Lawn Service has a commercial snow removal department available for businesses in Wexford, Cranberry, North Hills, and Pittsburgh North. If you’re prepared, you’ll be much less likely to lose business during snowstorms and other winter events. Call us today to learn more.