Where’s the Best Place to Buy Plants?

When you have your hands in the dirt and your head in the sun, you are one with nature as you add to your vibrant garden. Whether you are revamping, rejuvenating, or redoing your garden, perfect plants are a huge part of the process. So, where is the best place to buy plants? The answer is easy: a local nursery like A&N Garden and Greenhouse. There are many advantages to buying for your local Pittsburgh nursery than a big-name retailer when considering the source, availability, service, and quality.

A&N Lawn Service Inc. shares these 5 reasons why you should buy from your local Pittsburgh based nursery.

GreenhouseHardier Plants at Local Nurseries

It takes more than just a knack for gardening to help a plant reach its full potential. Big-name retailers buy in bulk from wholesale prices, which is why they tend to be priced lower. This may also be why less financial guilt is attached when a plant doesn’t make it after you purchased from a big-name retailer.

Nurseries like A&N Garden and Greenhouse purchase locally or grow their own plants, which is a greater investment than buying wholesale. This leads nurseries to have healthier, better-adjusted plants. Nurseries also have rarer species.
Prices tend to vary between nurseries and big-name retailers because nurseries buy locally or grow their own.

Experienced Staff Has Answers

The employees at A&N Lawn Service Inc. and A&N Garden and Greenhouse have the knowledge and experience to help individuals pick the right plant for their unique plant project. They know the details of the plant and horticulture in general. Additionally, the employees know how to recognize and combat diseases. This is extremely important because if there is fungus or mold on your plant’s leaves, it can infect your entire yard and put all plants at risk.

Quality Care Leads to Disease Resistance

The good care plants receive at local nurseries like A&N Garden and Greenhouse increases their disease resistance. Growing and nurturing a plant from a seed is time-consuming. Most people don’t have the time or patience to do this, but your local Pittsburgh nursery employees are not most people. They nurture seedlings to healthy plants that look better and live longer, saving you time and frustration.

Nurseries use feeders and top-grade soil. The nutrients the plants absorb from the nursery make the plants more disease resistant. This resistance remains when the plants are in your yard.

Native Plants

The nursery staff knows the plants native to your area. The native plants do not travel far from the grower to the nursery, which means temperature and light do not substantially impact these plants. Native plants are also stronger because they are already accustomed to the region’s soil, climate, and changes in seasons. These plants require less water, pesticides, and fertilizers.

No Foreign Plants

Because the plants from your local nursery are either locally grown or native to the area, there is no risk of foreign pests. These pests could cause or transmit disease, hurt your native plants, and impact your plant project’s value and appearance. 

Finding a Local Nursery 

The best place to buy your plants is your favorite Pittsburgh nursery, A&N Garden and Greenhouse. A&N Lawn Service Inc. has provided Pittsburgh-area clients with premier year-round lawn care service for over 20 years. Their garden and greenhouse is located on Reis Run Road offers total landscaping, hardscaping, and lawn care services to the Allegheny and Butler County regions. If you’re looking for some assistance in getting your Spring garden ready, contact A&N Lawn Service, Inc., at 412-931-9230.