Watering Your Lawn and Landscape

Watering Your Lawn

Summer is known for high temperatures and sometimes, intense heat. During the months of summer it is important to water your lawn to keep it lush and thriving. Knowing when to water your lawn and for how long is important for your lawn’s health and vitality.

Watering Your Lawn – Frequency

Most people think that it is important to water their lawn every day, but contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to water your lawn that often. It is recommended that you water your lawn one to two times per week only. Over-watering your lawn can lead to issues with your soil and produce puddling or run-off points. Soil expands when moisture is added and over time this over-watering can lead to erosion. This not only reaps havoc on your lawn, but can also cause issues with your home as well, such as putting pressure on your foundation.

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Watering Your Lawn – Best Practices

The following are best practices to use when watering your lawn. When watering, pay attention to your lawn to make sure that the water is getting deep enough, and if you notice that it is not drying out enough between watering then increase the amount of days between watering.

What time of day?

It is best to water your lawn in the morning when it is cooler out and also to allow it to dry before evening. If you live in an area prone to mosquitoes having a wet lawn can lure mosquitoes into your yard.

How much water does it need?

Your lawn only needs about one to two inches of water per week to keep it healthy and green. Over-watering can lead to the issues described above. You ideally want to break up watering your lawn into two fifteen minute sessions, whether you use a sprinkler or a garden hose.

Watering Your Landscape – Frequency

When watering your landscape the best way to do so effectively is to check the soil. The soil should be damp as deep as six to twelve inches into the soil. If you check the soil moisture and it is damp, then there is no need to water.

Watering Your Landscape – Best Practices

Also when watering your landscape keep in mind that different flowers and plants may need varying amounts of water. Check the leaves of the plants for any brown spots and/or drooping. If you see that a lot of the leaves are dying or the plant is drooping, then it’s time to water.

How do you water effectively?

How you water is just as important and how often you water. You want to water your plants using a slow stream of water to avoid drowning the roots or causing the water to leak out of potted plants. When you water too fast, you can expose the root of the plant and make it more vulnerable.
Follow these tips to keep your lawn and landscape looking great all summer long.

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