Top Luxury Landscaping Trends of 2017

As warm weather begins to move in, it’s time to start thinking about entertaining and spending more time outdoors this spring and summer. To really wow your guests and suit your family’s lifestyle, consider an upgrade to your current landscape and outdoor living area. Transforming your yard into a delightful escape for all is as simple as keeping up with this year’s trends in luxury landscaping.  Below are a few of the most popular landscaping practices popping up this spring:


luxury landscaping design

Bringing the Indoors Out– The simple picnic table and grill on the back porch is a bygone standard of outdoor living. As outdoor living spaces evolve, the list of amenities added to these extensions of our indoor living spaces continues to grow and change. Finished porches are gaining popularity as they include recessed lighting, decorative fans, and furniture cozy enough to be in our living rooms. Frameless sliding glass doors provide a seamless transition between inside and outside. Outdoor kitchens are now fully equipped with refrigerators, grills, bar areas, and lighting to set the mood. Full sized dining and lounging areas accompany the kitchens for endless outdoor entertainment that includes poolside big screen TVs and fire pits. 


Mixing Materials- Mixing hardscaping materials such as wood, iron, and stone is an up and coming trend that adds a uniqueness and beauty to any landscape. Wrought iron gates or fencing surrounding a wooden deck adds dimension. Using several stone types or creating unique patterns for stone driveways and paths is another trend that’s popping up this spring.


Minimalist Design- We’ve all seen the overcrowded landscape and know how overwhelming it can be to the eye. An overly busy, cluttered landscape doesn’t exactly create a sense of peace and tranquility that you’d want the space to produce. Too many focal points or plants and colors that are incompatible with the style of your home can detract from the overall beauty of the atmosphere. Minimalist design focuses on carefully selecting plants, flowers, grasses, and materials that complement one another and the home. Placement of each element is significant and purposeful, and all items tie together to evoke an overall balanced feel that is pleasing to the eye and spirit.


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