Tips for Watering Your Lawn

If you want your yard to appear healthy and green, watering your lawn is a very important part of lawn care, especially in the Pittsburgh area, Often, we rely on Mother Nature to maintain the hydration of our lawns. Unfortunately, for a luscious landscape, additional irrigation is needed.  But how much water and for how long? A&N Lawn Services, premier landscapers in the Pittsburgh area, shares the following tips for keeping your lawn looking beautiful.

Water When Your Lawn Needs ItLawn Care Pittsburgh

If your grass is starting to look gray and its natural green color is fading, it is time to water your lawn. Besides noting its appearance, you can simply walk on your grass to determine if your lawn is thirsty.  If your footprints remain in the grass, it is because the blades of grass are lacking moisture and are unable to spring back into shape.

Hydrate the Lawn in Morning or Early Evening

If you want to make the most of your watering efforts, it is important to stick to certain times of the day.  By doing so, your lawn will appreciate it.  The most optimal time to water your lawn is after the sun is up and anytime before 10 am.  At this time of day, the air is cooler and the winds are calmer; therefore, the water is able to be absorbed by the grass roots before it evaporates.  If mornings do not work with your schedule, then be sure to water between 4pm and 6pm. This gives your lawn time to dry before dark. If your lawn becomes too moist, without enough time to dry, then your yard can become a breeding ground for mold and potentially disease.

Use the Right Amount of Water

Lawn care in Pittsburgh does not require watering every day.  A good rule of thumb is to make sure your grass takes in about an inch of water weekly, whether that be from irrigation or Mother Nature. This amount should soak the soil about six to eight inches deep.  You may split the watering session into two half inch sessions, but no more.  If you do multiple light sessions, the water will not penetrate the soil enough, resulting in shallow roots. And do not overwater your lawn, as too much moisture can cause mold growth and disease.

Test if Your Grass Has Received Enough Water

If you are not sure if you have watered enough, you can do the following to tell:

  • During your first watering, check the soil every 15 minutes to see how long it takes to soak the soil six to eight inches deep.  You can measure this with a shovel or screwdriver.  Once it has reached the desired depth, note the time for future watering.   
  • If you are irrigating with a sprinkler system, find out the flow rate (gallons per minute) from the manufacturer.  Multiply the square footage of your lawn by 0.62 gallons (0.62 gallons = 1 inch of water per square foot) and divide the product by the flow rate of the sprinkler.  The number identifies how many minutes you should run the sprinkler. 
  • Another way to check while using a sprinkler system is by placing clean, empty tuna cans in various spots around your yard. Then, measure how long it will take for the sprinkler to fill each can with one inch of water.  Use the average time it takes to fill the cans since the coverage patterns may vary.

Premier Landscapers in the Pittsburgh Area

If you are looking for professional landscapers to help you properly irrigate your lawn, contact A & N Lawn Service, located 20 minutes north of Pittsburgh, in Franklin Park.  Since 1996, we’ve offered landscaping, lawn, and hardscaping services to Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Butler County, and surrounding communities.  Contact us at 412-931-9230 to learn more about how A & N Lawn Services can give your property curb appeal with a lush, green yard.