Things to Take into Account When Planning a Hardscape Project

Tackling a home improvement project, big or small, can be an intimidating task. There are many factors to consider to ensure the outcome is what you desire. You want the build to go smoothly while you follow all guidelines in your area and, most importantly, stay within budget.

Hardscaping Project Budget

From the start, you should have a budget set. Having a budget will allow a contractor, designer, landscape architect to know the financial boundaries of the project. It can also help you identify your wants and needs as you may only afford certain amenities within the set budget. If needed, financing options can help you put more into your hardscaping project.

Choosing a Contractor

When taking on an outdoor home improvement project, you will not want to overdo yourself. While there are resources to help with DIY projects, choosing a contractor is the way to go. They will help with your project by working with the area you seek to improve and installing the desired features. It may cost more money, but in the long run, your project will be done correctly the first time and in a timely manner. Because this project will add value to your home and everyday life, it must get done correctly.

When hiring a contractor, be sure to check their state licensure.

Area Size

You can only work with the area you have. It’s important to know the size of the area you are working with when you come up with a design plan. Having a smaller space may limit you in what features you can include, so it is important to identify your priorities.

Maintaining your Project

When the contractor packs up all their tools and equipment, that does not mean the project is finished. It may be installed, but the outdoor project will require maintenance. When considering the end result at the beginning of the project, think about the resulting maintenance your project will require.

Along with maintenance, consider your water bill. If you are looking to save money, maybe you want your project to result in a patio instead of more green space that will require watering and more upkeep.


It’s essential to check for all permits, regulations, and zoning requirements with your project’s area. You will want to do this before the installation of your project begins, as the municipality may require you to move parts of your projects if you failed to check regulations. If you live somewhere with a HomeOwners Association, be sure to check with them for any regulations.

By hiring a contractor, they already have familiarity with permits, regulations, and zoning requirements. This will help you navigate this portion of the project.

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