Start off Your Spring with a New Patio or Fireplace!

Create your own outdoor living space in Pittsburgh.

If you are a resident of Pittsburgh, you’ve probably been daydreaming about getting back outside since, well, the fall. Pittsburghers simply love to be outside. And unless you absolutely adore the cold, our winters are long-lasting and are spent mostly indoors. Around February and March, we start to think of all the things we want to get down around the house. And by April, brace yourself, some of us even miss cutting the grass!

With all the time spent indoors, many consider how to bring their living space outdoors. That’s where A&N Lawn Service comes in! Spring is the perfect time to add a patio or fireplace to your yard.

By increasing extra square footage outdoors, you’re adding an entirely new place to entertain and relax during the summer months. And let’s be honest, you’ll have no problem finding Pittsburgh residents outside long before the summer and well into the late fall as long as they have a patio and fireplace to keep warm.

The Time is Now!
The early spring is a good time to add a patio or fireplace because you’re likely not spending too much time outside just yet. If you have a pool, it’s closed. If you’re hosting a graduation party, your likely not hosting it until at least mid-June. In early spring, your life won’t feel so interrupted by any landscaping or hardscaping required to create your outdoor living space. Do it now versus sweating it out a few weeks before you host your family reunion. You’ll have enough to worry about with silly Uncle Joe coming this year! A&N Lawn Service can help with your patio and fireplace, but we can’t help with your Uncle Joe!

Fireplace or Bust!
Vacations are great, but they only last a week. Whether its a small fire-pit or a grand fireplace, adding a hearth is something you can enjoy for months on end. It’s great for relaxing one-on-one and just with the family. Alternatively, it will always bring the party. The ambiance of a fire is mesmerizing. It offers meditative qualities, yet also begs for good music and even better conversation. Bottom line, adding a fireplace to your Pittsburgh outdoor living space is a great way to spend time with your friends and family.  

Landscape design
With a bare backyard, the early spring is a great time to look at your landscape from a broader perspective. Since nothing is really in bloom yet, you can think about all the plants and shrubs you can add that will bloom now and later. Think about late-spring flowers, shrubs that bloom all summer and fantastic fall-foliage options. Some shrubs even produce winter berries creating a pop of color during an otherwise drab time of year. A&N Lawn Service will help you choose the right plants for each season. Just give us a call!

Add Value to Your Home.
While you may not be in the market to move, it’s worth mentioning adding a patio or fireplace will increase your property value. Should you have to suddenly move because your job is relocating or your family is going to increase by one in less than 9 months, rest assured knowing your investment outdoors will be very attractive to a new buyer. 

Do you want to create an outdoor living space in Pittsburgh? 

Adding a fireplace to your Pittsburgh patio?

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