Simple Steps to Make Your Lawn and Landscape Winter-Ready

Is Your Lawn Winter-Ready

It is no secret that Pittsburgh’s winters can be rough; filled with the shivers, road salt and dangerous driving. Despite the frozen temperatures, however, you can keep your lawn from suffering too. Before the snow and ice hits, you can ready your lawn for the winter in a few simple steps, preventing further hassle for yourself in the spring.

-Free Your Space from Problematic Clutter

It may not seem like a high priority, but keeping your outdoor area free of clutter and debris is quite important. If leaves and rocks, for instance, are not properly raked and disposed of, they can create dead spots in your lawn. This means that once the snow and ice melts, your lawn and landscape will be left with unhealthy brown spots in the spring.

Winterize Your Lawn

-As Temperatures Grow Cold, Remember that Your Lawn is Still Growing Too

Once the season turns cold, lawn care tasks often begin to freeze as well. Until the snow falls, there is no reason not to maintain your lawn and landscape. Continued mowing in the fall season is one of the best things to do for getting your lawn and landscape winter ready. Gradually cutting your lawn shorter in preparation for winter will help to deter small animals from burrowing in your outdoor space. This mowing technique also helps to protect new growth coming in before snowfall.

-Fall Fertilizer for Stored Nutrients during Winter Months

Many yard owners fertilize their lawns in the spring and summer months. Yet, fertilizing your yard and landscape in the fall, before snow and ice, can greatly aid in the health of your lawn. When there is fertilizer present in the soil before the ground is completely frozen, it will act as on-hand nutrients throughout the winter. This way, your lawn will not be as deprived on nutrients come spring.

A&N Lawn Service Inc. strives to keep your Pittsburgh lawn and landscape at its finest, year-round. Maintaining your property before the chill of winter hits can have a big impact on the health of your landscape when spring comes back around. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a consultation. We’ll keep your lawn and landscape at its finest, no matter the season.