Saving Water with Irrigation Strategies

Irrigation Strategies

Not only do landscaping services from A&N Lawn Service Inc. keep your lawn and landscape healthy and beautiful, we also offer landscape irrigation system techniques and advice for conserving water. There is no need to invest in hefty water bills or water waste while irrigating your lawn. There are a few simple landscape irrigation strategies and techniques that have been proven to help with water conservation, without the sacrificing your landscape.

-Incorporate Mulch into Your Landscape

Mulch is a great additive to any irrigation system. Wood chips, mulch, hay and the like create a barrier for keeping the soil beneath it hydrated. The barrier acts as an evaporation preventative to maintain the utmost moisture from your irrigation system.

Irrigation System

-Make Efficient Use of Naturally Occurring Water, When Possible

On rainy days, there is no need to keep your sprinkler system on its usual setting. It may sound like common sense, but many lawn owners forget to turn off irrigation systems during rainstorms. Be aware of your sprinkler system usage, as well as the system itself. Ridding of excess water will also help to prevent run-off and flooding, and will help greatly with water conservation too.

-Sprinkle and Don’t Spray Your Landscape, Use an Irrigation Controller

Landscape irrigation systems that use a spraying mist, instead of sprinkling water, are a waste of time and good H2O. The water from these misting systems mostly evaporates by the time it makes it to the ground. This either leaves you with a dehydrated lawn, or with an expensive water-wasting bill. Having the most effective irrigation system is important, but making sure that irrigation system works properly and efficiently is most essential. Irrigation controllers, such as rotary nozzles, help with uniform spreading of water. This allows for an even watering that makes use of every single water drop.

Landscape irrigation covers almost half of all water costs of the average household. Make sure your home is being water-conscious and has a proper landscape irrigation system that conserves water while also nourishing your land. At A&N Lawn Service Inc., our landscaping services and irrigation methods help to create and maintain your dream lawn, while being water conscious. Call now for more information!