Safely Remove Snow this Winter

Removing Snow Safely in the Winter

The winter season is fast approaching, and we will soon be swapping our piles of leaves for piles of snow. Although sled riding, ice-skating and building snowmen are fun activities, the ice and snow of winter can also be dangerous. A&N Lawn Service Inc. has been providing quality snow removal services for 15 plus years, and whether you’re doing it yourself or plan to have some help, knowing how to safely remove ice and snow from your property is important.

-Being Prepared

The first and most important safety tip when working in the snow is to make sure you are dressed appropriately. Always wear multiple layers, including a head covering and gloves or mittens, as well as waterproof boots with slip resistant soles. This will allow you to regulate your body temperature by adding or removing layers as needed and also prevents you from falling on the ice. Once you are properly attired, you will need to choose the appropriate equipment for the job. Make sure to use a shovel with a handle that is long enough for your height. This will prevent back injuries caused by bending forward too much while lifting the weight of the snow.

Safe Snow Removal

-Following Correct Procedures

When the snow is falling, it can be tempting to wait until it’s done to start shoveling. However, the heavily packed snow that can result from a substantial snowfall will just make your job more difficult. It is recommended to start removing snow when the ground is lightly covered and to continue to do so often to prevent build up. If you are unable to keep up with the storm, try pushing the snow as much as possible, as opposed to lifting it to avoid back injuries. Once you have finished shoveling, check for slippery areas, and consider spreading some calcium to create traction and help melt the remaining snow.

Being able to safely remove snow and ice from your property is essential to having a secure and enjoyable winter season. A&N Lawn Service Inc. offers convenient and reliable service for commercial snow removal and residential plowing. Our Pittsburgh premier snow removal teams work around the clock to keep your property free of dangerous snow and ice build up. Call us today for more information!