Redesigning Landscape for Spring


Spring is a great time to transform your landscape design. You may find yourself unhappy with the current look of your yard, and if that’s the case
then you probably have a few ideas about what you’d like to add, remove, or renovate. While it is tempting to just dig right into yard-work so that it’s ready for bright sunny weather, taking your time with a significant landscape redesign is a wise idea. Here are a few tips that will help you plan thoroughly and reinvent your landscape in time for warm weather:

1. Before you start digging, removing, or planting, your first step should be to evaluate the current landscape. Take a look at your existing plants, shrubs, trees, and flowers. Think about what you like and what you want to remove. Also, determine if certain plants are outgrowing their spaces and need to be separated or removed altogether. Think about where you want to add vegetation of any kind. Make notes as you go so you remember everything when you’re ready to take action.

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2. This step ties closely to step one and can be done simultaneously. Determine what you need and want from your landscape. Do you need a space for kids to play? Are you planning on designating a space for vegetables? Do you have or want to add an outdoor living space such as a patio or deck? Do you know you want to add specific plants that take up significant amounts of space or need special care? Ask yourself these questions, and then draw up a rough sketch of how you want the landscape to look. Simple shapes and labels will work just fine.

3. A third step that is of vital importance is that you know the climate of your yard. Be aware of when and where the yard gets sun and shade, and monitor wind patterns. Knowing these elements can help you decide what to plant in each spot, and you will be able to make logical decisions about where to position an outdoor living space.

4. Prepare existing beds by weeding, edging, and adding new mulch. This will give a clean look to the landscape even before new plants are added or current plants and flowers begin to bloom.

5. Start small. Don’t be hasty in completing a landscape overhaul. Give yourself one portion to work on at a time. This will give you time to think over what you’re doing and make good choices. If you rush just to finish, it may end up looking sloppy. This might mean that you don’t accomplish everything in your plan this year. It could take several springs before you feel that your landscape is truly finished. The benefit is that you’ll have extra time to think about what you really want to do with your yard and make changes as you go.

6. Create one or two focal points in your landscape and try to complement them with everything else that you plant. This will help to keep your landscape from being random and disorganized.

7. Create purposeful cohesion: Use plants to form paths and borders that separate spaces. Repeat colors and plants throughout the plan to create theme and unity across the whole yard.

Professional Landscaping for Spring
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