Reasons to Choose Your Local Plant Nursery

If you are looking to add some life to your Pittsburgh landscaping or are in need of plants that will fare well in your garden, don’t allow the purchasing process to overwhelm you.  There are many sources out there from which you can choose—online, big-name retailers, neighbor’s yards. etc. —but will they provide you with a variety of healthy plants and the information that goes along with growing them to their fullest potential?  Probably not.  When you are ready to begin the process, consider visiting your local Pittsburgh plant nursery or garden center.  Here are four important factors to consider:


1.  Variety of Plants Available, Including NativeNursery Pittsburgh

If you purchase your plants from a big box retailer, even though there may be a large quantity available, the variety may not be there.  Because the larger retailers purchase their plants in bulk at wholesale prices, there is a limited variety of the types that they can purchase via wholesale prices.  A local garden center or plant nursery, such as A&N Lawn Services located 20 miles north of Pittsburgh, offers a large selection of plants, including ones native to the area, as well as rarer species. 


2.  Healthier Plants

At a nursery, plants tend to get much more attention, as opposed to a big-name retailer that has employees working in many different capacities.  The main focus of many employees at a local nursery is to carefully care for the plants and help them flourish.  Many nursery plants may have been purchased from local growers, but in some cases the plants may have been grown by the nursery.  Therefore, the nursery is aware of the care and living conditions of the plant offerings and the plants are better adjusted to the local temperatures and environment.  By not knowing where your plants were grown, you risk the chance of them not surviving the local weather conditions or of them bringing diseases from foreign pests and areas. 


3. Expertise and Gardening Advice

In addition to the time and plant care that is given by employees at local nurseries, the amount of knowledge they have regarding the various plant types is immeasurable.   They can offer advice on best plant types for your environment, best soils to use, signs of disease as well as giving landscaping and gardening tips.  They are familiar with what is native to the area and what grows well.


4. Locally Grown

Local nurseries and garden centers supply their inventory with either locally grown plants or plants grown at their own nursery.  Buying local, not only supports other businesses in your community but ensures that the plants you purchase are ones that are able to survive on your property.


Local Garden Center and Plant Nursery Serving Pittsburgh and Surrounding Areas

Since 1996, A&N Lawn Service has been providing expert advice when it comes to landscaping and gardening needs to customers in the Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Butler County, and surrounding communities.  We pride ourselves on locally grown products and knowledgeable staff.  If you are looking to add fresh new life to your Pittsburgh property, stop by A&N Lawn Services or call us  412-931-9230.

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