Pre-Planning Your Spring Landscaping

Landscaping PittsburghPrepare for your Spring Landscaping!

Every great yard begins with a plan. Although it’s still winter, this is the perfect time to begin thinking about your spring landscaping projects. Here’s what we recommend to get started with your landscaping design:

 1. First, determine your budget.

This can become a sticking point for homeowners and business owners alike. Let’s say you’re driving around and notice that your friend, neighbor, or favorite business just upgraded their landscaping. They’ve added flower beds, beautiful plants, mulch, and their bushes and ornamental trees have been trimmed and pruned. You love the look, and you’d like the same for your home or business. Before calling around, sit down and look at what you’d like to spend. Then, think about financing your landscaping. A & N Lawn Service offers special financing with different options so that you can enjoy your landscaping right away while paying a low fixed amount over time.


2. Time to talk projects.

There are dozens of landscaping projects that would look great on your property, but think about what your goal is. Would you like your yard to look more welcoming? More spacious? More interesting? Are you looking for a type of contrast with the exterior of your home? Do you want curb appeal if you’re planning to move? Would like a garden in the yard? Do you like what you have now, but just want to upgrade your landscaping? Also, you may love the look of a beautiful, flowering yard, but do you have the time and inclination to maintain the landscaping yourself, or would you prefer that someone perform the maintenance for you? Think of what you want, and look at online landscaping galleries to get some ideas. A & N Lawn has a landscape gallery that’s packed with ideas to show clients the many different designs that we’ve created.


3. Look at materials and greenery.

One of the exciting parts about landscaping your yard is that there are dozens of materials and plants from which to choose. Actually, there are so many choices, you may need help to decide. Some people prefer non-flowering plants and rely on mulch and trees to create color. Some decide on flowering plants surrounding their home or in their backyard. Others fall in love with shrubs and trees to create a cozy, shaded look. When you show up at your local nursery or big box store, though, you probably aren’t sure what you should be buying, let alone how much of it and where it should go. A landscape renovation Pittsburgh company like A & N lawn can help pare your choices down.


4. Call a landscaper that you trust.

A landscaping project is an investment in your home or business. An experienced Pittsburgh landscaping company is a must for your project from start to finish. Be sure to ask for a portfolio of their work, and ask for references for projects that look the one you’re planning.’


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