Planting with a Retaining Wall

While some homeowners prefer a flat landscape, adding a few retaining walls can add depth add interest to your landscape. These are a great solution, especially if you have a steep or uneven backyard that is causing drainage problems.

What is a Retaining Wall?

Retaining walls are designed to contain the weight of the soil that is pushing against them. Depending on how steep your sloped yard is and the height of the wall, the wall may experience significant pressure. This pressure can increase with rain or melting snow. These are important factors to consider when your wall is designed to ensure it is stable and long-lasting.

A & N Lawn Service is your top choice for retaining wall contractors in Pittsburgh. We can help you design a retaining wall that not only adds interest to your property but helps to reduce erosion and encourage proper drainage. A retaining wall can also help add value and curb appeal to your home and can be built using stone that matches your home’s aesthetic.

Retaining wall PlanterEnhance Your Retaining Wall with Plants

When choosing plants for your retaining wall, it is crucial to select plants that not only appeal to your desired look but that are also well adapted to the climate of your area and the growing conditions on your property.

Most times, homeowners are dealing with subpar soil conditions, so it is recommended that you add organic matter to your soil to help your plants become well-established and thriving. When choosing plants, you also want to consider how easy the retaining wall is to access. If the area is difficult to get to, you will want to choose plants that require little maintenance, such as spreading shrubs or plants that are known for developing dense or wide-spreading roots. This can help stabilize the soil in the area.

Cascading flowers and other plants are great for adding style and a pop of color to your retaining wall. You should consider plants that trail, climb, or billow for a charming effect. Choose plants in colors that complement your home’s exterior, or that add a bright, cheery feeling to your property.
Visit your local nursery and let them know what your project is. They should be able to assist you in finding the right type of plants for your specific needs.

Interested in a Retaining Wall Installation?

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