Planning For Spring in the Fall

Get Ready For Spring

Talk about preparing ahead of time! Did you know that there are a number of things you can do in the Fall to prepare your yard to look its best in the Spring? Whether you are a professional landscaper or a homeowner wanting to add some color to your yard, planting in the fall is easier on the plants and the gardener. Autumn is the perfect time for planting because of its cooler temperatures, better rainfall, and lack of pests.

Planting in the Fall

Vegetation flourishes better in the spring when it is planted in the Fall because the roots start growing while the soil is still warm from the summer sun. The unpredictable weather in the spring and the soil that is still cold from the winter do not provide as favorable an environment for root growth. Autumn is also a great time to plant your annuals, bushes, and trees. Fall planting allows time for the roots to settle into your soil before they go dormant for the winter. Also, the rain is more predictable in the Fall and gives them just enough water for them to grow properly and obtain the nutrients they need in order to grow. In the spring, the weather is continually changing. The rise and fall of temperatures and the unpredictable rainfall puts the growth of your plants at risk.

Besides unpredictable weather, insects and animals also pose a threat to the growth of your plants if you are gardening in the spring. During the spring, insects and animals come out of hibernation and begin to use your beautiful and newly planted gardens and flower beds for nourishment. However, in the Fall, those same insects and animals are only beginning to hibernate. This makes it much less likely that those same insects and animals will dig up your plants or eat them, and this allows your plants to grow in peace.

Once spring begins and the weather grows warm enough, your plants start to grow again. And they will grow faster now because they are already settled in their spot, and their roots are ready to absorb nutrients to help them grow. At this point, you can shape and prune your landscaping or hire the best landscaping Pittsburgh has to offer, A & N Lawn Service, to care for and maintain your beautiful yard.