Getting Rid of Pesky Weeds

If you have landscaped areas or a garden plot on your property, weeds are likely popping up everywhere as the weather warms up. No one wants to spend hours digging and pulling at weeds that seem to reappear days later, and as much as weed killer works, it isn’t a permanent fix and can be harmful to the plants and flowers you want to flourish. If you’d like to avoid the cycle of weed pulling and regrowth while protecting your plants, there are a few natural and simple things you can do to prevent and destroy weeds. Continue reading

Preparing Your Yard and Garden for Spring

As spring approaches and signs of growth are popping up all around us, the time has come to ready the yard, landscaping, flower beds, and gardens for the warm weather seasons. While it might be tempting to wait until things warm up, cultivating a healthy lawn and landscape starts before it gets warm. What are some things you can do to prepare the yard before spring hits? Continue reading

Landscape Trends in 2022

Maximizing Garden Space/Kitchen Gardens

While many people have enjoyed maintaining large gardens throughout the pandemic, a gradual return to busier lives is prompting gardeners to pull back in terms of garden size and effort required to keep up with cultivation. Many are choosing to minimize the space that gardens take up and are opting for smaller, more conveniently located gardens that require less care but still provide for our desire to cultivate and grow our own food. Container gardens are appealing because they take up little space and can be easily moved when necessary. Vertical gardens are becoming popular due to their unobtrusive nature. Also trending are kitchen gardens, which focus mainly on growing herbs for cooking and making drinks. These gardens can flourish in a few small pots outside the kitchen window, on the balcony, or on the deck. Continue reading

Choosing the Right Christmas Tree 

Santa may put the presents under the tree, but the best gifts are the memories made with loved ones around it. Picking the right Christmas tree means bringing holiday cheer into your home because so much is wrapped in your tree, don’t pick just a silly ole tree this year. With our tips, you’ll be able to choose a Christmas tree that carries the holiday spirit through the entire season. Once the holiday season ends, be sure to recycle your tree. Continue reading