Make Your Fall Leaves Work for You

With autumn coming around, most homeowners know that their yard will soon be covered in a carpet of fallen brown leaves. Instead of raking them up, putting them in bags, and waiting for leaf pick-up day in your neighborhood, use them to your advantage.

The fall is a great time for your plants and grass to regain their health and replenish after summer’s hot, and sometimes destructive, weather. This is the best time to activate root growth while the ground is reasonably warm and moist.


Benefits of Shredded Leaves as Mulching Material

One of the most popular methods for protecting grass and plantings in the fall is to use your (probably quite large) supply of fall leaves. Leaves are organic matter, and even though they’re no longer fresh, green, and adorning your tree, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t useful. In fact, they have minerals that your grass, trees, and garden plants take up into their roots to ensure their health.

Once shredded and applied to your plantings, leaves help loosen up the hard clumps with earthworm activity. Leaves can also be used as mulch to retain moisture around bushes and trees and will keep young plants more protected as winter starts to arrive.  

It’s easy to shred your leaves. Just pile them up, then run them over with a lawn mower or lawn tractor. The smaller the particles, the better, since a thin layer won’t trap insects or disease near the ground. Now, spread out the shredded leaves around your plants, or first add them to your compost to mix some carbon into the nitrogen that is contained in organic compost.   


Pittsburgh Landscaping Services
A & N Lawn Service can provide commercial and residential landscape maintenance services that will complement your lawn care. We have a lawn and landscape maintenance program that helps to increase the value of your home and property. It includes spring cleanups, fall clean ups (including leaf removal), and mowing and trimming services. Call or contact us today to learn more about our Pittsburgh landscaping services. 

Fall Landscaping Services