Landscape Trends in 2022

Maximizing Garden Space/Kitchen Gardens

While many people have enjoyed maintaining large gardens throughout the pandemic, a gradual return to busier lives is prompting gardeners to pull back in terms of garden size and effort required to keep up with cultivation. Many are choosing to minimize the space that gardens take up and are opting for smaller, more conveniently located gardens that require less care but still provide for our desire to cultivate and grow our own food. Container gardens are appealing because they take up little space and can be easily moved when necessary. Vertical gardens are becoming popular due to their unobtrusive nature. Also trending are kitchen gardens, which focus mainly on growing herbs for cooking and making drinks. These gardens can flourish in a few small pots outside the kitchen window, on the balcony, or on the deck.

Outdoor landscapingOutdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens and dining spaces have been extremely popular for quite some time, but with the current hyper-focus on health, the outdoor kitchen will be one of the biggest investment choices for landscaping projects in 2022. Homeowners who have existing outdoor dining spaces will opt to upgrade and expand those areas to include cooking space and countertop dining and bar areas. Those who are looking to increase home value and have the space to create an outdoor kitchen retreat will likely go for it, as outdoor entertainment is increasingly becoming the norm for social gatherings.

Retaining Walls and Walkways

As homeowners seek to beautify their outdoor living and entertaining spaces, another project that has become popular is adding to or rebuilding existing retaining walls. Retaining walls help to define spaces, provide room for seating, or highlight raised flower beds. They add a beautiful aesthetic to any property, and, if placed appropriately, they also function to stop excess water from flowing down sloped sections of the yard.

Improving the look and safety of walkways is another landscape project that is currently popular. Beautiful stone or concrete walkways complement the design of the property and add a special finishing touch. Connect walkways and create paths from one outdoor space to another with pavers, concrete, or natural stone for a safe and inviting outdoor experience for you and your guests.

Eco & Pet-Friendly Updates

The pandemic has left very little unchanged, and that includes the way we treat our environment. Xeriscape, a new trend in landscaping, uses plants that are native to specific areas and reduces the amount of water used to grow them. This new style of landscaping relies on efficient irrigation systems that supply the plants with the right amount of water without waste. It also focuses on landscaping design that does not require much water to maintain. The movement to preserve earth’s natural resources has made Xeriscape a popular trend in 2022.

As many have added pets to their home over the last two years, it follows that landscaping trends have also been turning toward protecting and entertaining our furry friends. The replacement of grass with synthetic turf is a choice that many dog owners have made in order to keep the grass from being destroyed and yards looking healthy. Fence installation is another addition that many pet owners are making this year. Keeping pets safe in the yard is a top priority.

Work With Local Hardscaping Companies 

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