Landscape Maintenance Packages &Benefits

Packages and Benefits

Whether your land is residential or commercial, it needs to be maintained. From aesthetics, to general health, all property needs a bit of seasonal care. At A&N Lawn Service Inc., we ensure quality lawn and landscape services no matter which maintenance package you choose or create. Since we offer various options and customizations, you are sure to fulfill your landscaping needs with complete satisfaction.

-Residential Maintenance Packages

For the convenience of our local residents, we offer two different lawn landscape maintenance packages. The first option is quite inclusive. It includes both spring and fall clean ups, pruning and shrub trimming, as well as seasonal lawn treatments. This option also comes with weekly mowing and trimming, over one dozen weeding services, a mulching application, and more!

Landscaping Packages

Our second residential maintenance package option is more basic, but worthwhile. The package includes spring and fall cleanups, as well as weekly mowing and trimming services. We also have additional residential services, from lime application and grub control, to aeration and de-thatching, which are available upon request and can be added to any maintenance package.

-Commercial Maintenance Packages

We also offer commercial lawn and landscape maintenance services in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, which are customizable to meet your needs. Our experienced team will expertly maintain your property, and provide exceptional service with superior results. We provide the following maintenance service options to create a package that is unique to your property: weekly maintenance, mulching, planting, pruning and shrub trimming, edging, weeding, seasonal lawn treatments and clean ups, irrigation/sprinkler systems, and more! We work with you to create a customized commercial maintenance package that is sure to impress you and your potential clients.

-Benefits of Our Maintenance Packages

The benefits of having a lawn and landscape maintenance package in the works are immeasurable. Since our packages provide multi-seasonal care, your lawn will consistently keep its health and beauty, without the worry of planning for each season individually. From preparing the property for colder seasons, to upholding enriched foliage during warmer seasons, our maintenance packages provide countless benefits all year long.

At A&N Lawn Service Inc., we make sure that your landscape, commercial or residential, is well maintained by our staff. Our maintenance team is highly trained and led by a project manager specific to this division, with over 20 years of experience. Together, our company goes above and beyond to provide you with only quality lawn and landscape maintenance services.