Is Your Entry Door Winter Ready?

Is Your Entryway Winter Ready?

Winter in Pittsburgh can be unpredictable, needless to say, if you’re a native. However, being prepared for all of winter’s possibilities is something you can count on, and is greatly beneficial to everyone’s safety. From the footpaths leading to the entryways of your business or home and the roofs above them, to the doorways themselves, it is important to keep your entryways winter ready all season long. A&N Lawn Service Inc. is here to help with expert, professional services in commercial and residential snow removal.

-Keep Entryway Footpaths Free from Snow, Ice and Other Hazards
If the pathway toward the entrance of your home or business is coated in snow and ice, it is a major safety hazard. Be sure that snow is not only removed properly, but that ice is also melted, for a danger free path and winter ready entryway.

Clearing a Footpath

-Consider Your Roof
When preparing your entryway for winter, do not forget to consider the roof you have above it. Dealing with a flat or sloped roof, for instance, will change the method you use to clear the snow. It is also important to note that different types of roofs will effect how snow and icicles fall beneath them.

-Remedy Any Drafts Near Your Entranceway
If the doorway to your home or business has even the slightest draft, your entryway as a whole is not prepared for winter. Proper insulation of your entranceway door is important for keeping the cold air of winter outside where it belongs. Having the door of your entryway properly insulated will also keep heat inside, minimizing energy costs.

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