Improve Your Home with Hardscaping

If there’s no place like your home for the holidays, it might be time to consider adding some additional outdoor space to your yard. Hardscaping in the fall is a great way to extend your family’s outdoor living in Pittsburgh through the winter season. Add light to the short days and warmth to the cold nights by considering some fall upgrades to your landscaping. Before the snow starts to fall, check out these creative hardscaping ideas from A & N Lawn Service Inc.

Walkways & Driveway. Adding or re-paving a driveway or sidewalk with pavers is a great way to add curb appeal to your home. Attractive brick or stone pavers are permeable, so they’re great solutions for areas that frequently freeze and thaw. Give your home an extra boost of safety and luxury by adding lighting elements to your new walkway or driveway.

Outdoor Living Pittsburgh
Add a Patio.
 Take a look around your yard. Are you using the space to the best of its potential? Creating a patio can be as simple as adding a freestanding 10’ x 10’ pad of pavers or something more extravagant like a large, curved patio attached to your house. Either way, any additional space you add is additional space to entertain.

Roast those Chestnuts! 
If you already have a patio or your thinking of adding one, consider incorporating a firepit. There is something mesmerizing and welcoming about an open fire that draws people to it. Even on the coldest nights, friends and family will suit up – gloves, hat, scarves and all – to enjoy a glass of wine or mug of hot cocoa around a fire.

Eat Outdoors. Grilling and cooking outdoors don’t have to end because summer has been replaced with cold nights fall nights.! Adding an outdoor kitchen complete with a grill, oven and sink will allow you to bring your holiday traditions outside. Roast a turkey, grill a steak, whatever foods you fancy, bring the flavor outdoors all year long.

Hardscaping in the fall is a perfect way to upgrade or extend your outdoor living in Pittsburgh. Even with an uneven backyard, you can still transform your backyard into a fun and usable sapce. It’s also a good way to add some curb appeal or enhance your property if you intend on selling in the future. Spruce up the outdoors and call A & N Lawn Service Inc before it’s too late! Call us today: 412-931-9230!