How Do You Keep Houseplants Alive in the Winter?

Even though your houseplants may be inside year-round, their care varies throughout the year based on the temperatures outside.  As the temperatures fluctuate from daytime heat to chilly, freezing nights, this can make growing conditions for your indoor plants unfavorable.   Additionally, less sunlight during winter days are less than ideal. 

With a little extra attention and care, your houseplants can continue to thrive during these cold days.  To ensure your green friends are here this spring, follow these steps by A&N Lawn Service, Inc., for healthy greenery in your home this winter.

Adjust your Watering Routine

It is a common misconception that your indoor plants need more water during the winter due to drier air and less sunlight.  In reality, it is the exact opposite.  You should cut the amount of watering in half or only water when your plants look thirsty.  You can also test by poking your finger an inch or two into the soil to see if it’s still wet.  Sure signs of too much winter watering are yellow leaves, bugs flying around your pots and moldy soil.

Move with the Sun

Man Caring for house plants

To receive optimal sunlight during the shorter winter days, you may have to move your plants around.  Closer to windows is ideal, but be careful of windows that freeze or have a draft. Also, be sure to rotate your pots regularly so that all sides are receiving sunlight.  If the amount of sunlight coming through your windows is not enough, you may need to add artificial light. Use a full spectrum light above any houseplants needing extra attention.

Bathe your Plants

All of the dust that collects on your plants can actually inhibit your plants’ ability to photosynthesize.  Wiping with a damp cloth allows them to absorb light more efficiently.  If you have several plants, place them in your bathtub and turn on the shower (gentle pressure) for a couple minutes.  They will get cleaned and watered in a matter of minutes.

Maintain Humidity

While indoor plants prefer humidity levels between 40% and 50%, the humidity level usually drops to around 10% to 20% in homes during the winter.  Therefore, you will need to compensate for this lack of moisture.  If you have a humidifier, move the plants to an area where they can enjoy the benefits.  Also, if you have space in your bathroom or kitchen, consider moving the plants to those rooms where moisture comes from showers and boiling water.

Maintain Consistent Temperatures

Houseplants thrive in daytime temperatures between 65°F and 75°F and nighttime temperatures between 60°F and 65°F.  Temperatures below 50°F will begin to affect your plants. Additionally, do not place your plants near cold drafts or heat sources, such as vents, radiators and fireplaces.

Pittsburgh Garden Center Near You

If you are in need of expert advice for your indoor plants this winter, don’t hesitate to call Pittsburgh’s A&N Lawn Service, located on Reis Run Road in Franklin Park.  The amount of knowledge that a local garden and greenhouse near you can provide is invaluable.  Our staff is familiar with the best indoor plants for our climate, as well as the care needed to help them thrive.  In addition, A&N Lawn Service, Inc., has a variety of indoor plants for sale.  Stop by A&N Lawn Service today or call us at 412-931-9230.