Heating Your Outdoor Living Space

Adding Heat to Your Outdoor Living Space

You love enjoying the comforts of your Pittsburgh outdoor living space and you don’t want it to end, but the city does get cold, and the seasons are changing. Cold weather, however, does not mean you have to stop enjoying your outdoor living space. At A&N Lawn Service Inc., we can provide you with a few tips for warming up your space.

-Outdoor Fireplaces Ignite Warmth in Any Space

Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are great choice when preparing for Pittsburgh’s colder temperatures. Not only are these features aesthetically appealing and eye-catching, they are also the best source of heat for an outdoor living space. There isn’t anything more cozy than sitting by a warm fire pit with your friends and family on a chilly fall night.

-Fill Your Space with Cozy Accessories and Furnishings

Even in chillier seasons, cozy accessories and furniture can insulate and warm outdoor spaces quite efficiently. If you want to get more use out of your patio during the cooler months, you might want to consider furniture that is not made from metal, since metals tends to retain cold longer than most other materials. Also, lining your furniture with cushions and pillows will help to insulate the space. Sometimes we forget about just how effective a good, quality blanket can warm us. Adding a few touches of functional accessories and furnishings like these will make your outdoor space feel comfortable and warming.

-Exterior Enclosures are Perfect Insulators

Area rugs, pillows, blankets and other linens provide added insulated warmth, but there are other methods of insulation that are much more superior. Exterior enclosures provide the utmost of insulation to retain the most warmth possible while in your outdoor living space. From covered pavilions and gazebos to porches and pergolas, heavy curtains and panels will hold in more of the heat within your space better than a couch pillow can.

Heating your outdoor living space does not have to be an expensive hassle. At A&N Lawn Service Inc., we will keep you enjoying your Pittsburgh outdoor living space well after summer has gone. From our custom landscape design services, to the installation of outdoor fireplaces, your exterior living area can achieve its full potential of beauty and functionality. Learn more about heating your Pittsburgh outdoor living space now by calling our qualified service team.