Hardscaping Your Yard for the Fall

Preparing for the Pittsburgh Winter

As we bid farewell to the summer, it’s time to start preparing for the cold months ahead. While many focus on landscape during the springtime, the wintertime presents many reasons to refocus on hardscaping. As we close the pools and bid bon voyage to the warmth, a hardscaping project by A&N Lawn Service Inc. is something you may want to consider.

Retaining Walls
Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas have really seen its share of rain. And with all the rain, we are no strangers to flooded landscapes, sitting water and eroding hillsides. Damage from water freezing and thawing over the winter months can pose a serious safety hazard to your property. Land erosion can compromise any foundation, putting your home and family at risk. Consider adding a retaining wall to correct and stop any further erosion of your property.


It’s not uncommon to have a rock or pebble driveway in Western PA. If you have one, you already know they are incredibly difficult to shovel during the winter. ConsiderHardscaping Pittsburgh creating a driveway with decorative pavers and cut down on the snow-shovel struggle!

There are plenty of homes that don’t have an existing walkway providing a clear path for you and your guests to use. A home without a walkway creates a muddy yard during the snowy months. Not only is it messy, it can be an arduous task for your holiday guests to trample through the mud. Add flow and safety to your yard by adding a walkway with natural stone or brick pavers.

Patios and Firepits
Folks from the Pittsburgh region love outdoor entertaining. If you can stand the cold, most people will opt to congregate outdoors. After all, it’s football season and it’s in our blood! Adding a place for a firepit, or an even larger patio can really boost your entertainment space. Before winter gets here, consult one of our hardscaping experts on creating a firepit or patio for your home.

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