Getting Your Garden Ready For Spring

How to Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

Spring’s here, and that means that it’s time to start your vegetable garden. No matter if you have a large or small yard, you can still find room for a garden at your home. You’ll just need to practice some proper lawn care, planning and regular maintenance to have the best chance at having a beautiful garden filled with delicious vegetables. While you can do plenty of this work on your own, there are plenty of benefits of calling a commercial lawn service such as A and N Lawn Service to help you out.

Preparing Your Garden

Preparing the Yard

Over the winter months, a lot of debris, salt and sand may have made their way onto your lawn. This not only causes clutter, but the salt and sand may kill your lawn and any plants that you try to grow in your garden. Proper lawn care is essential to a healthy garden, so it’s best to clean up the yard as soon as possible. If the yard is in particularly bad shape and you live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, you can contact A and N Lawn Service to help out.

Selecting Your Plants

Once the you’re done with the lawn care, you can start selecting your seeds. As a rule, it’s a good idea to only plant vegetables that you or someone else in your household really likes. There’s no point in planting a vegetable that no one in your house likes. All it does is create waste. You may also want to consider buying small vegetable plants instead of planting from seeds as this can both give you a better idea of his much space you’ll need and gives the plants a better shot at surviving if harsh weather affects them.

Checking the Soil

Before planting the seedlings or seeds, you’ll need to check the pH levels of your lawn’s soil in order to ensure that it can properly support a garden. Testing the soil is a relatively easy process, and testing kits can be bought at many hardware and gardening stores. If the soil has a pH level that is too high or low, the soil will need to be altered in order to create the proper environment for the plants to thrive in. This is the more complicated matter of the process, and it may be best to call in a commercial lawn service such as A and N Lawn Care to properly treat the soil.


All plants need to have plenty of space in order to grow properly and to ensure that they have enough nutrients from the soil to stay healthy. However, each plant is different. Some plants can get by with a little plot of space while others need plenty of elbow room. Check to see how much room each plant will take up and measure their spots accordingly.

Regular Watering

Water is another essential part of ensuring that your plants stay healthy. Regularly watering your plants on a daily basis is basic chore of gardening, but you can’t always be there to give them water. Many gardeners find great benefit in installing a watering system for their garden. A regular sprinkler won’t do the job very well, so it’s best to hire a commercial lawn service such as A and N Lawn Service to install a custom sprinkler system that best fits your garden.

After you have finished all of that, you’re ready to start planting. With plenty of care, love, water, and maybe a little help from a local commercial lawn service like A and N Lawn Service , you’ll be sure to have a thriving garden and plenty of delicious vegetables all summer.