Get Ready for Spring: Plan Your Next Landscaping Project While it’s Still Cold

Believe it or not, spring is just around the corner, and though the cold winter weather is still making itself known, it’s not too early to start planning your next landscaping project. In fact, late winter is the perfect time to begin brainstorming, researching, plotting out and enlisting the help of professionals to make your property look great this spring. There’s quite a bit to consider and do when preparing your lawn for additional or brand new landscaping, so make sure you get started soon! Here are a few tips and suggestions to help you get going:

  1. Survey the Land: Before you go out and buy new plants or start any kind of work on your landscape, you’ll need to take a look at the state of your current plants, flowers, and trees. Take a walk around your home and examine the existing landscape. Figure out which plants are thriving and which ones you wish to remove completely, if any. If plants, shrubbery, or trees are outgrowing their current location, they may need to be removed or divided and replanted. Take some notes so that you have it all in front of you moving forward.lawn care pittsburgh
  2. Understand Your Yard’s Climate– You’ll want to choose plants, flowers, and shrubbery that grow well in the region where you live. Additionally, your yard is unique in terms of where and when the sun and shade are present, so you’ll want to thoughtfully choose plants that will thrive in the areas where you place them. Also, if you’re not familiar with the rodents and “pests” in your area, be sure to find out which types of vegetation will attract these destructive critters, and try to avoid choosing them unless you enjoy having extra wildlife in your yard.
  3. Do Some Research-If you’ve seen landscapes in magazines or around your neighborhood that you’d like to emulate, don’t be afraid to do some research and ask your neighbors how they got their lawns and gardens looking so beautiful. Find out what plants and flowers they’ve used, and get their advice and input on carrying out your plan. It would also be smart to get their recommendations for professional landscapers if they’ve used one.
  4. Budget and Prioritize– Whether your spring landscaping plans include a major overhaul or just some small additions, you’ll need to consider your budget for the project. Once you know how much you’re willing and able to spend on your landscape, you can start prioritizing. Especially if you’re adding landscape and hardscape elements, your budget may require you to work in phases, so determine what you can do within your budget at this point, and save the rest for fall or next spring.
  5. Complement Your Home’s Design-Landscaping is an important step in adding curb appeal to your home. When planning the layout and elements of your landscape, it’s crucial to consider the style and size of your home. A value-adding landscape will partner with the style and colors of your home to make it visually pleasing and balanced. Choosing plants or trees that are too large in comparison to the size of the home will create imbalance, and selecting plants and flowers that oppose the home’s structural design or era may cause visual confusion. Your landscape should be a natural extension of your house.
  6. Plan for Growth and Maintenance-Once you decide upon the plants, flowers, trees, and shrubbery you’re going to include around your home, you’ll need to know how big they will each get when grown to full size. This will help you with spacing out the plants to give them plenty of room to grow. It will also guide you in terms of how far away from the home they should be planted. Additionally, be sure to consider the maintenance of all the greenery you’re planting. You’ll need to invest time into maintaining your landscape so that it looks beautiful year after year. If you don’t have the time or desire to complete the maintenance, then it’s best to leave that up to a professional lawn care or landscaping company.

If you’re ready to move forward with your landscaping plans for spring, A&N Lawn Service, the premier landscape and hardscape expert in the Pittsburgh area, is ready to transform your yard with a beautiful, custom landscape design. We deliver what our clients want while communicating with them through the entire process from consultation to completion. Our team of experts will treat your outdoor living area with meticulous care while striving to exceed your expectations. Contact us at 412-931-9230 to get started on your latest project!