Gardening Tips For The Fall

Tips for the Fall

While the days of summer are in the past in Pittsburgh, one thing we do know is that the seasons are unpredictable. October can bring temperatures as warm as summer, or winter-ready snow and frigid temperatures.

Fall Lawn Care

While the peak planting season is winding down, chrysanthemums, or mums, are an excellent choice for the temperamental Pittsburgh weather. One of fall’s quintessential flowers, they come in a wide variety of color and style choice, adding curb appeal to any home, while prospering in the autumn weather.

Although planting choices are not as abundant in the fall as they are in the spring, there are a few tips you can follow to prepare your garden for the months ahead.

  • Collect Soil samples – Fall is an excellent time to gather soil samples to measure the elements of your soil to better fare plant growth.
  • Remove plant debris – Plant refuse is a notorious habitat for insects and disease over the winter months. Removing old plant stalks reduces the chances of this.
  • Rid your yard of weeds – Weeds that are spread by seed can produce thousands of seeds, all of which will be ready to sprout and grow come spring. Ridding yourself of them now will save you the hassle later.
  • Wrap the trunks of your deciduous trees – Wrapping deciduous trees and shrubs prevents sunscald injury, a conditions that develops when the warm winter sun is absorbed by the plant’s bark. Using crepe paper wrap, begin at the base of the tree and wrap upward, overlapping about a third of the paper with each turn. Stop when you reach the first set of branches. Secure the top turn of the wrap with a piece of stretch tape. The wrap can be removed come April.
  • Cut perennial stems – Once your perennials have started to die back, cut the stems to within an inch or two to the ground.
  • Fertilize your yard – Fall is the best time to fertilize your yard and ensure a lush green carpet in the spring. A landscaping company can best advise you as to which products would be best for your particular yard.

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