Fall Landscaping Projects

As the leaves begin to dance in the autumn breeze, the sun sets earlier, and the temperatures start to drop. Fall is the best time to work in the garden. The soil is easier to dig, the temperatures are comfortable, and the weather becomes more predictable. You won’t want to wait too late to start working in your garden, but watch the leaves turn as you start your fall lawn care in Pittsburgh! A&N Lawn Care offers these fall gardening ideas.       


Creating compost may be the easiest fall lawn care project! As the leaves begin to fall, don’t throw them out. Rake them up or use a leaf blower as the dead leaves are nature’s mulch and can nourish your lawn. Dead leaves create a natural layer of compost and can improve the soil’s quality.

fall Gardening Potted Plants

Potting your plants is a creative way to bring the outdoors inside! Succulents are awesome year-round plants to enjoy through the winter. For the fall, you can try pairing succulents with pansies or viola to brighten up the indoors.

Think Outside the Box

Chrysanthemums are a fall tradition. Be different and maybe plant some cool-season veggies and greens. Not only do you have some yummy snacks to munch on, but the veggies also add some color to your fall garden.

Just as veggies can add vibrancy, fruits can also bring some visual appeal. Shrubs like bayberry, elderberries, and winter berries thrive in the cooler months.

Don’t Overlook Trees & Shrubs

Trees and shrubs fare well in colder weather. A&N Lawn Care recommends adding some ornamental trees and shrubs, like leaf weepers, weeping cherries, or even a Japanese maple to your yard for the fall. Even though the temperatures are cooler, be sure to remember to water.

Know Your Borders

The grass-garden line offers the perfect opportunity for visual appeal. You can take advantage of the space with the right plants. Unique plants like callicarpa are great for adding unexpected colors to the borders.

As the temperatures drop, there remain plenty of fall landscaping opportunities! A&N Lawn Services, Inc., has provided Pittsburgh-area nurseries with premier year-round lawn care service for over 20 years. Their garden and greenhouse located on Reis Run Road offers total landscaping, hardscaping, and lawn care services to the Allegheny and Butler County regions. If you’re looking for some assistance in your fall landscaping projects, contact A&N Lawn Service, Inc., at 412-931-9230.