Enhance Your Lawn this Spring and Summer

Enhancing Your Lawn!

There are many simple things you can do to enhance your lawn this spring and summer. Although spring is not quite in full bloom, an impressive and healthy lawn starts much before the seasons of sunshine. Seasonal lawn maintenance, regardless of the time of year, is important for any landscape. At A&N Lawn Service Inc., we have the exact services you need to make your landscape reach its optimal state of health and beauty.

-Remove Debris of All Kinds from Everything

Before doing anything major to your lawn or landscape, be sure to prepare it first. Remove debris—be it sticks, leaves, unfortunate litter, or otherwise—from the surface of your lawn. Debris prevents sunlight from reaching the lawn, depriving it of needed nutrients. Also, gently shake off snow and debris from branches and plants hanging above and around your landscape. Do not attempt to remove any ice that may still be present, as this could do more harm than good.

Lawn Enhancement

-Maintain a Regular Mowing & Pruning Regimen

It is important to maintain the required grooming necessary to keep up with your lawn. Do some research on the types of foliage your lawn has, as well as the recommended length to mow, amount to prune, and how much trimming is too much. Knowing these numbers tells you how to conduct your spring lawn care and general lawn maintenance.

-Don’t Forget to Fill-In & Fertilize

Once the weather really starts to warm up and your lawn is fully uncovered, you’ll be able to see any places that need to be filled in. You’ll also begin to take notice of certain areas of your lawn that may require a bit more oomph to regenerate itself. If your lawn has any bare patches, fill them in, as soon as possible, with grass seed or sod depending on your lawn and severity. You may also was to consider fertilizing your lawn to provide it the necessary nutrients and minerals needed for proper growth.

Preparing and maintaining your landscape will keep it looking it’s best throughout the spring and summer seasons. A&N Lawn Service Inc. offers commercial and residential lawn and landscape maintenance packages that will help to enhance your property. Check out our website or call (412) 931-9230 today for more information on spring and summer lawn care.