Creating a Hardscape for Your Home

Hardscaping your Home

Hardscapes are becoming a common landscaping project. Hardscaping refers to the man-made areas of landscape, such as paved areas (i.e. sidewalks and patios), structured walls, fountains, fireplaces/fire pits, etc. Any home can benefit from some level of hardscape whether it is a small stacked wall or a full-scale outdoor kitchen.


It is easy to become overwhelmed when trying to decide what type of hardscape you would like to incorporate into your outdoor living area. There are thousands of options ranging from natural materials to synthetic components.

Here are a few things to consider when developing your hardscaping plans:

  • Consider your entire landscape area. Even if you are only considering building one retaining wall, it is important for you to consider your entire landscape before proceeding. What if next year you want to build a patio, and the wall is in the way, or the materials do not coordinate? Are the materials appropriate for the weather in your area? Are there trees or other foliage that could be impacted?
  • Don’t forget about drainage. Water is the number one factor that can destroy a hardscape. It is important to ensure the grade of your hardscape flows away from your property, and there is appropriate drainage available.
  • Balance it out. Professional landscapers can help develop a layout that looks aesthetically pleasing and meets your home’s specific needs. When working with elements such as large rocks, a wide variety of stones, or cement, it can be difficult to ensure all the different components work together.
  • Incorporate the greenery. Most homeowners want a combination of hardscape and natural greenery for their outside property. It is important to plan your hardscape in tandem with what you want your landscape to look like.

Creating an outdoor oasis can both increase the enjoyment and value of your home. By creating the right combination of hardscape materials with natural elements will ensure you’ll enjoy your property for years to come.