Create Your Perfect Summer Patio

Perfect Patios for the Summer

Everybody wants the perfect outdoor summer space to fit their own unique style and summertime comforts. But how do you go about creating your own perfect patio? It is not as difficult as you may think! By following a few key aspects of patio design, you can easily achieve all of your goals for a patio that is more like your personal outdoor escape for the summer.

-Map Out Furnishings

One of the first steps to consider when planning your patio project is functionality. Plan the layout of where items such as tables, chairs, bar and grill stations will go, before beginning. This will enable you to gather proper measurements, consider and deal with any safety hazards, and have a flowing ease of construct once actually setting up your custom patio space. It is neither fun nor efficient to move a couch, and then find out it doesn’t fit in a new desired location.

Summer Patios

-Create Custom Color Palate or Theme

Consider an aesthetic design that you favor, for decorating your space. Whether it is a specific pairing of complementing colors or an entire theme, having a defined design will add custom character to any outdoor space. Adding a statement piece, such as a grand table or a recycled art piece from another part of your home will bring everything together and create a wow factor for you and your guests to admire.

-Light Things Up & Shade Where Needed

Adding a few aspects of light to your patio during summer nights will enable your space to have post sunset gatherings as well as post sunrise get-togethers. You can also use various lighting features to enhance your aesthetic design! And creating an aspect of shade for those summer afternoons out on your custom patio will provide cooling comforts.

-Add Life

Add a few features of life to make any space feel more welcoming and alive (literally). From trees, plants and flowers, to a humble pond with swimming fish, adding life will make any space feel fresh and lively.

No matter your patio area’s space, budget or personal style, it is possible to create an outdoor space that you and guests will enjoy all season long. Contact us at A&N Lawn Service Inc. for more tips on creating the perfect outdoor living space, and information on our Pittsburgh lawn services. Make your Pittsburgh patio feel more like a personal oasis this summer.