Cold Weather is Still Here!

Cold Weather Lawn Service

The spring season may be slowly creeping in, but the winter is still here. However, colder weather doesn’t mean you should neglect the care of your lawn. Instead, you should change the techniques you are using to maintain your landscape. Adjusting your lawn maintenance methods to the current season will help to keep it healthy all year long, and with the help of professionals, like our experts at A&N Lawn Service Incorporated, you will have the best lawn possible.

Prevent Lawn Impact Pressure as Much as Possible

During the winter season, remember to designate areas for walking paths and snow play, rather than using your entire yard. When pressure is put on snow and ice covered lawns, it compresses the snow further into the ground. This makes it difficult for the ground to thaw once the temperature warms up, as well as making your lawn vulnerable to disease. If you want a healthy lawn this spring and summer, proper care is imperative during colder months.

Winter Lawn Care

Do Not Attempt to Remove Snow or Ice from Your Lawn

Even though excess snow and ice can put pressure on your lawn, do not attempt to remove it. This will do more harm than good. Attempting to shovel it could rip out the existing turf. Also, some snow, as long as it’s not overly packed down, is actually good for your lawn. When it begins to melt, it provides moisture that the landscape badly needs.

Incorporate Simple Tricks for Grand Results

Incorporating a few additional tricks into your routine can go far in maintaining the health of your lawn. Adding property markers to isolate your lawn, and outline pathways will help to prevent ripped up turf. You can also replace rock salt and calcium use on your walkways with sand. Sand does not melt the snow and ice, but does help to create traction. If you are concerned about the damaging effects of rock salt and calcium on your lawn or other dormant plants, it could be used as an alternative.

With the help of our experienced professionals at A&N Lawn Service Incorporated, your lawn can reach its best possible state. Contact our experts today by calling (866) 778-9433 for more information on our lawn care services and lawn maintenance packages, or to schedule a consultation. We can help you maintain an impressive, healthy lawn every season of the year!