Choosing the Right Christmas Tree 

Santa may put the presents under the tree, but the best gifts are the memories made with loved ones around it. Picking the right Christmas tree means bringing holiday cheer into your home because so much is wrapped in your tree, don’t pick just a silly ole tree this year. With our tips, you’ll be able to choose a Christmas tree that carries the holiday spirit through the entire season. Once the holiday season ends, be sure to recycle your tree.

Picking a Christmas tree at the lot is a fond family tradition. Knowing what you want when you get to the lot is essential, as each tree species is a little different. Because of the wide variety of trees to choose from, you can pick a tree that meets your needs. For example, if you have young children, you may lean toward a tree with softer needles like pine rather than a tree with sharp needles like spruce. You should consider the color, shape, fullness, and feel of the tree after examining the tree from all angles. Also, you will want to make sure the trunk of the tree is as straight as possible. 

Fresh Christmas Trees To check the freshness of your tree, see if the trunk has a slight stickiness to it. Additionally, you can use the needles to check the freshness by bending a needle in half. Firs should snap, and pine should bend, but not break. Another test to check the freshness and longevity of the tree, you can grab the inside of a branch and pull it toward you. If the needles stay on the tree, you are in good shape. When examining the color of the tree, go in with the mindset that “greener is better.” 

Now, it’s time to bring your Christmas home! Chances are you already have an idea of where you are going to put it. Make sure you stray away from heat sources and high-traffic areas. You will want to leave a minimum of 6 inches between the top of the tree and the ceiling. 

The tree is home and tucked away in a safe place. Now, it is time to take care of the trunk. It would be best if you cut off about a half-inch from the tree’s trunk. You can complete this task or ask the lot to do so. This cut will help the tree absorb more water, so your tree retains its needles and color for a longer amount of time. Make sure your tree is always in a water-filled stand. Once Christmas is over, and it’s time for the New Year, be sure to recycle your Christmas tree to give back to the planet.

Find a Tree at Your Local Nursery

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