Choosing a Landscaper for Your High-End Property

Choosing a landscaper can be a difficult process. Landscaping companies are everywhere, but not all of them are created equal. The differentiation between companies can be vast, so if you’re hoping to bring a high-end look to your outdoor space, you’ll want to do some research so that you end up with exactly what you want. Here are a few major elements to look for in a company that will be appropriate for your project:

  1. Experience in High-End Landscaping and HOAs

Probably the number one factor in choosing a high-end landscaper is the company’s experience and reputation in working for high-end clients and HOAs. If a landscaping company is going to produce the luxurious results that you want for your property, they should be able to provide you with countless references that will attest to the unmatched quality of work the company and crew will perform. If you admire the landscaping and hardscaping of a home in your neighborhood, inquire about who did the work and how happy the home owners are with the process and the results.

  1. Multiple, Reliable Services

Research the companies that you’re considering. You’ll want to choose one that offers and combines multiple, reliable services. Dealing with one company for landscaping, hardscaping, and maintenance services will make your life easier and provide consistency for your outdoor living area and your schedule.

  1. Insured and LicensedLandscapers Pittsburgh

Make sure that the company you hire is insured so that if something does go wrong while they’re working on your property, the company, not the homeowner, will be liable for the damage. Also, check to see that they are licensed. Licensure is required to spread some pesticides and to complete irrigation work, so be sure to ask for license numbers if these types of work are included in the plan. Additionally, look to hire a landscaping company that belongs to either the Members of American Nursery and Landscape Association or the Associated Landscape Contractors Association.

  1. Professional Account Management & Current Design Techniques

A company that’s going to make your yard look like a luxury retreat should rely on current technology and a high degree of professionalism to schedule, design, and carry out your dream project. Ask about their methods for scheduling, billing, and managing accounts as well as the technology they use to plan your landscape. Don’t select a company that uses antiquated approaches; these businesses will likely take longer to complete the project and will not be as organized as they should be. You’ll also want to work with a company that will sit down and discuss your specific wants, needs, and style and then incorporate your vision into the finished product. Finally, pay attention to the quality of customer service the company provides. Choose a company who employs courteous, responsive employees. These companies value their customers and want to give them the best possible experience from beginning to end.

  1. Professional Team/Appearance

Though we’re not supposed to judge by appearance, it would be hard not to evaluate the actions and appearance of the landscaping team, their vehicles, and their equipment without equating it to the type of work they’ll do. A professionally-dressed crew, and clean, well-maintained vehicles and equipment are features to look for in the company you hire. You can rest assured that a company who prides itself in a professional appearance will also take great care to make your yard look perfect.

  1. Contracts/Payment Options

Though it may not seem like an important feature, a reliable company will offer their clients contracts with options for payment for services and clearly outline all services to be rendered. Having a contract as a reference point will keep you organized and assured of what and how you can expect to be billed, and it also allows you to see exactly what you should expect from the company that’s caring for your property.

When it comes to creating and maintaining your outdoor living area and landscaping, don’t settle for less than a top-of-the-line company that can transform your outdoor space into a magnificent retreat. If you’re in need of a high-end landscaper in the Pittsburgh area, A&N Lawn Service is the best choice. Our professional, highly-trained and experienced team will treat your property with meticulous care all year round, while our design team will incorporate your tastes into an impressive plan that will wow family and friends. Contact A&N at 412-931-9230 to schedule a consultation for your high-end project.