Are Outdoor Kitchens Right For You?

Have You Ever Thought of an Outside Kitchen?


Adding a kitchen outdoors can make a home more enjoyable and more comfortable. It offers distinctive entertaining and cooking options. The kitchen can even provide extra storage space for culinary supplies. A & N Lawn Service Inc. in Pittsburgh can help homeowners design and install an outdoor kitchen. It is important to make sure an outdoor kitchen is right for the property before deciding to call a landscaping company.

Available Outdoor Space

The first thing to consider is whether there is enough space outside of the home to support an outdoor kitchen. Even the smallest designs will require space for appliances and counters as well as a few feet of clearance on all sides for safety. It is usually best to measure areas that can be converted into a kitchen and then consult with a landscaping company to see if enough space is available. If a yard is very small, it might be better to create a stone or brick patio and use portable appliances or grills when cooking outside.

Property Conditions

A major consideration should be the condition of the property. Homeowners near streams or other bodies of water will want to check with a landscaping company like A & N Lawn Service Inc. in order to make certain that the ground is stable enough to support a kitchen. Many issues from erosion and pests to underground roots and municipal lines could make installing a kitchen outdoors difficult.


The outdoor kitchen will likely need some type of roofing for comfort. The roofing is necessary to protect the appliances and countertops from rain and snow in Pittsburgh. Roofing also creates shade in the summer so guests can eat without sitting in direct sun. Roofing could be an awning, a pergola or a series of umbrellas. These could potentially block the view of the property from inside the home if the kitchen is not landscaped effectively.

Plumbing and Electrical Connections

Homeowners should investigate whether electrical and plumbing lines can be safely run outside of the house to support appliances in the kitchen. It could be necessary to call an electrician, a landscaping company and a plumber in order to make these connections later. Homeowners should be certain the connections are possible especially for very old houses.

Landscaping Options

A kitchen looks the best outdoors when the surrounding area is landscaped to complement the decor and design. Homeowners should be ready to call a landscaping company like A & N Lawn Service Inc. in Pittsburgh to see how the property can be changed to support the kitchen. The landscaping can actually benefit property values and make the entire area around the home more attractive.

Permits and Local Regulations

A serious issue to research is whether permits are required to build the outdoor kitchen. A good landscaping company such as A & N Lawn Service Inc. can sometimes provide information about local regulations and permits in Pittsburgh. It is important to get a permit before starting in order to prevent fines and other unexpected charges later.